PUBLIC APOLOGY July 1st 2005 to :-
Bran and Luebbe, Bran + Luebbe, Bran & Luebbe, Bran Luebe,
Lewa, Lewa - Herbert Ott, American Lewa etc.

We have now been informed by an ex employee at Flowguard Ltd.
(a Hydril Inc. subsidiary,) that a sales executive of
Flowguard Ltd. has informed the ex-employee:
"The internet / web site of Pulseguard Ltd. on its home page
has derogatory remarks about B&L and Lewa" .

We Pulseguard Ltd, had no knowledge of any "GO TO HELL"
Upon investigation, we have now found that the web site was
hacked several years ago.
The derogatory "Square Heads" "Cabbage Eaters" and or any
other similar slurs, were apparently HACKED INTO THE PAGE
by someone using a plain ASCII editor, who typed them in
between the html "tags" .
All content placed on web sites by us, has been made by the
use of "Dream Weave" which leaves a "signature" traceable to
the author.
This traceability does not apply to any of the slurs that
have appeared.

It is significant, in our oppinion, that the only person who
has made mention, as far as we know, of this subject are the

Flowguard Ltd was formed by persons who were employees of our
associate Hydrotrole Ltd. They escaped from a 90,000 pound
sterling (in todays dollars about $s 1,000,000) guarantee, by
removing designs and assets from FlowChem-Hydro Ltd through
an intermediary into Flowguard Ltd.
As the foundation of Flowguard was by deception, it is quite
possible that such an ethic of deceptive practices did
continue at that company and or any associate hackers .


We humbly appologise to Messrs B+L and Lewa for our failure
to notice that our web site had been hacked between the tags.