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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Pulsation Dampers


Selecting Pulsation Dampers for Different Pump Systems
Flow through pulsation dampers are at least 3 times more efficient than T off line accumulators. Dampers that do, flow goes through, but pressure rolex replica watches pulsation does not.

PulseGuard Ltd. and Inc.
Guarding Against Pulsation

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Pulsation Dampers are the Interface Between Pumps and Pipe Systems.

Pulsation dampers are your solution to longer lasting pumps and pipe systems. Vane pumps, need to be isolated from high frequency system response by the use of no moving parts WAVEGUARD dampers. For systems where the compatibility of FLEXLON PTFE is required, please see the flexorber range. Where the rpm is low, and an elastomer is known to be compatible, please consider the PIPEHUGGER LP damper range. Air Operated Double ended Diaphragm pump, AODD pumps can transfer replica rolex liquid as smoothly as a turbine with the right damper. Where plastic is essential use the PIPEGUARD Plastic range. pulsation dampers solve your pulsation probelems. Where Stainless steel and an elastomer can be used, choose from the PIPEGUARD LP models. For PTFE FLEXFLON compatibility please see the FLEXORBER LP inventory. Gear and lobe pumps work without a whine when connected through an in line muffler. At high frequency use the no moving parts WAVEGUARD.

Low frequency either the PIPEHUGGERs with synthetic rubber bladder, or for Flexflon, PTFE, or EIDP Teflon the FLEXORBER ranges dampers are ideal. Hose pumps or tube pumps, sometimes called peristaltics, are low frequency devices, they lose their suction side positive spike from shoe or wheel impingement, when used with FLEXTUBE ClearFlow attenuators - See the PUMPGUARD range. For off line single connection Dampers, see PIPEGUARD which can be used to prevent discharge backflow from shoe lift off. Hermetically sealed multiplex sandwich diaphragm pumps are matched with double layer secondary containment sealing tell-tale alert dampers. Whether for use with the single chamber sealed metering pump, top right, or rolex replica the multiplex version at the bottom right, if a sealed hazard class pump is required, then a matching FLEXORBER hazard class damper should be chosen. Sealed pump safety, matched by pressure vessel damper safety of the FLEXORBER, for the system is the only safe choice.


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