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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations
On Various Types of PUMPS -
Guard Against Pulsation Have you felt your pipes today?
For best value flow stabilization, where pressure is below 40 Bar, 600psi and elastomer synthetic rubber is compatible, and external environment is corrosive.
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Save 22% with standard inventory 2 port dampers and have 300% more smoothness
HP Metering Pump with HP and LP PipeGuards
Up to 10 Hz, a small diameter long "stiff" gas bag may respond to pressure pulsations.
Flow through forces it to work for you and saves "T" pieces and 3 extra flanges, whilst providing first in first out constant temperature, and in place flushabilty
For higher frequency response, see the "PipeHugger" range.
PiG-HP PipeGuard High Pressure Dampener

Pressure pulsation travels at 1400 meters per second and must be intercepted, to be attenuated.
"Dampers that do - flow goes through - but pressure pulses - do not."

PipeGuards from off the shelf inventory, have in place flow through flushability
Save your purchase of an extra "T"
PipeGuard LP Cross sectional photo
AND intercept low frequency pressure pulsation. Normally installed in place of a 90 Degree bend, or elbow.

PipeGuards all stainless dampers may be purchased direct form the factory
with a single connection thread or flange face, provided in place flush through is not required.

(If you want to have to buy an extra "T" piece plus 3 extra fittings / flanges, and or make extra welds)

AODD pump with PiG-LPHose pump with PiG-LP

The size of the damper decreases by - just less than the square of the number of plungers, or pistons.multiplex power pump with PiG_LP and HP
Plastic with Lost Motion pump
At low pressure, the energy needed to case flow, to go up a single hole, to come to a stop, and then reverse back out again, is substantial. This results in leaving flow fluctuations in your system.
Flow through not only gives you pulse dampening at a lower cost, but also provides in place flushability, at lower connection cost. No "T" to purchase.
Twin port dampers are 22% less expensive standard off the shelf inventory items.
For larger diameter dampers, where the ratio of connection size to chamber diameter ensure the dissipation of intercepted higher frequency pressure pulsation, please see the PIPEHUGGER Low pressure & PIPEHUGGER High pressure ranges.
SAVINGS, that more than cover the cost of your dampers.
Because the suction damper removes the acceleration head losses and prevents the breakup of the supply column by intercepting suction line negative pressure pulsation, the ideal supply pipe size is halved. The big connection is only needed from damper to pump. Similarly, on the discharge system, where pipe is smaller because the ideal velocity is higher, and with pulsation intercepted,t he line size cress sectional area may be halved. Small pipes cost less, and installing them costs much less.
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Selecting Pulsation Dampeners for Different Pump Systems.
Flow through pulsation dampers are at least 3 times more efficient than T off line accumulators.
Dampeners that do, flow goes through, but pressure pulsation does not.
PulseGuard Pulsation DampersThe Smooth Flow People

Call Toll Free 1-888-DAMPERS (326-7377) / See also: Pulsation-Dampeners.com for a pulsation dampener.

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