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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations
with Various PULSEGUARD Dampers
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"Keep it simple stupid" is like the 10 second sound byte, hardly ever true, never the best, and always trouble in the end.
The less we think about out selection, the more it costs us.

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In the beginning, the low melting point wax solidified up the dead leg "Td" off line accumulator. Unplugging time and kWh running the compressor cost over 6 months, twice as much as the "simple bottle".
Then the PUMPGUARD was found on the "idiotnet" looked simple - and at least the wax would keep flowing. It took 3 hours to clean out every 4 months.

Who knows, doesn't bear thinking about probably engineered in D.C.

Total $??,???

Instead of a standby spare, to save down time a quick release 4 bolt base block mounted PIPEHUGGER was considered, and it was cheaper. Warm wax was compatible with the liquid bladder. Down time would be reduced to 6 minutes with a spare PipeHugger capsule on hand.

Designed, tooled manufactured in NC, from US Materials
Damper & Base

Total $998

As neither PULSEGUARD Ltd. nor Inc. have "voice mail" nor answer "e-mail" unless a phone & Fax, Nbr. is given A CONVERSATION ensued.
"Wax crud, 'll come off a FLEXFLON diaphragm right quick I've got flow through FLEXORBER on the shelf standard."
10 minute phone free time
one piece FLEXORBER same day.

Total $541
The sweetness of not being asked to discuss the details, could be long forgotten in the bitterness of poor selection.

And just for good measure, as pressure travels 300 times faster than flow, the flow through FLEXORBER LP works, because the pressure pulsation doesn't fly straight past the"T"!
Because flow is so slow, there is time to flow up, come to a stop, and flow back down a "T" on the other hand, whatever the residual pressure pulsation level is, it will fly straight past a "T".

Mass of liquid in a pipe is transferred at not above 180 inches/sec or say 460 cm/sec

Pressure in a fluid travels at, Mach 1 (in Air)
In harder substances (liquid) is transferred at up to 4000 MPH, or say 140,000 cm/sec.

CONCLUSION:- With 300% greater efficiency, because flow fluctuations & pressure pulsation are forced to see the inside of PULSEGUARD PULSE DAMPERS, are more compact vessels and DO MORE WORK FOR A LOWER COST
hence the saying:-

Dampers that do, flow goes through, BUT pressure pulsation is caught

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Selecting Pulsation Dampeners for Different Pump Systems.
Flow through pulsation dampers are at least 3 times more efficient than T off line accumulators.
Dampeners that do, flow goes through, but pressure pulsation does not.
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